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Thank you for taking the time to read about our plans. Please take a few minutes to fill in our feedback form below:

Age Group
1. Do you agree with our proposal for a new and bigger Sainsbury’s store which will meet the growing needs of the local community?
2. Will you use new facilities in our store such as a larger Argos and Groceries Online section?
3. How do you feel about the delivery of affordable and family-sized homes to help address the local housing crisis?
4. If we provided additional commercial space as part of our development, what kind of shops would you like to see?

New Public Square
New Trees Across the Whole Site
Wildlife-Friendly Planting for Biodiversity
Green Rooftops
Raingardens for Flood Alleviation & Wildlife Ecology
SupportDo Not SupportNeither
More CCTV Cameras
Brighter Lighting
Increasing Natural Surveillance
Family-friendly environment
7. How would you rate the overall health of your community?
8. Compared to people of your own age, in the last 12 months would you say that your health has been:
9. In the last 12 months, have you felt ‘that what happens to me is out of my control'
10. How much can you rely on your family if you have a serious problem?
11. Please state if you agree with this statement: If I needed advice about something I could go to someone in my neighbourhood'
12. How would you rate the access / availability of health care in the community?
13. Are you currently working (employed or self-employed)?
14. There will be opportunities for employment, skill development and training in construction and retail. Is this useful to you?
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