The site

Sainsbury’s has been serving local customers and providing local employment opportunities in the existing Whitechapel store since 1994. The existing site includes the Sainsbury’s store and a multi-storey car park that provides 258 spaces.

In 2010, Crossrail compulsory purchased the southern part of what was a surface level car park and a temporary multi-storey car park deck was constructed in its place on retained land. It is anticipated that Crossrail will vacate the majority of the occupied site in late 2021 but this is still subject to final confirmation.

Aerial view of the site today
Image of the site today
Image of the site today
Image of the site today


Historically, the site housed the Albion Brewery. The Albion Brewery started trading in 1808 and was re-built in 1863 making it one of the most advanced breweries of its time producing approximately 250,000 barrels of beer a year. Although no longer operational, the brewery’s clock tower building still exists today facing Whitechapel Road.

A historic road – Bath Street – used to run through the site connecting Brady Street to Darling Row. Over the years, it is thought the brewery was extended over Bath Street. The project takes its name from the former Bath Street, which you will see below is to be reinstated.

1894 - 96
Historically, there was a Bath Street that ran through the site connecting east to west
01 Albion Brewery complex 1902
02 Albion Brewery 1920
03 Brady Street circa 1978
04 Whitechapel Road early twentieth century
05 Whitechapel Road circa 1978
06 Whitechapel Road circa 1978