Making places

The site is highly accessible by public transport with Whitechapel overground and underground station to the west of the site, and will soon benefit from Crossrail’s new Whitechapel station.

The site is located within a Core Growth Area of the GLA’s wider City Fringe Opportunity Area, the full extent of which has the capacity to provide 15,000 new homes and more than 50,000 jobs.

It is also located within Whitechapel District Centre, which is identified as an area for residential and commercial growth in the London Plan.

There is great potential to optimise the site to provide new connections, public realm and much needed housing for the local community in line with the aims of Tower Hamlets and London-wide planning policy, as well as ensure the continuity of jobs at Sainsbury’s.

Relationship with nearby Conservation Area

The Whitechapel Market Conservation Area adjoins the site directly to the south. Our plans will ensure the Conservation Area is respected.

The Grade I Listed Trinity Green Almshouses are located approximately 94 metres to the east of Cambridge Heath Road, accessed from Mile End Road. Our proposals will not be visible from the Almshouse courtyard.

Whitechapel opportunities

With the new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) coming to Whitechapel, the area is set to be transformed. With direct trains to Heathrow Airport and stations outside of London, the new Whitechapel Station will not only improve local transport capacity, but also boost Whitechapel’s status as a place to stay and work. In addition to this major change, Tower Hamlets Council is relocating its Town Hall to the old Royal London Hospital site. Combined, these changes will act as a catalyst for Whitechapel’s regeneration.

The provision of a new ground level route through the Site, reinstating Bath Street, could be one of the key benefits we can deliver as part of our plans. It will greatly enhance east-west connectivity through the site, thus enabling easier access for existing residents to the new Whitechapel Station and market. Alongside this, we can also deliver extensive public realm improvements, including a new public square which will reinforce the site as a place itself, attracting local residents and visitors.

Precedent images showing high quality and green public spaces
Reinstate historic route of Bath Street
Regeneration outside the red line by enhancing under-used green spaces adjacent to the site
A new London Square benefitting existing residents