Our vision

We’ve shaped our vision for the site around feedback from the local community. Bath Street Square will:

  • Deliver much-needed new homes, including affordable homes.
  • Deliver a new, high-quality Sainsbury’s store that’s able to offer an improved shopping experience for the local community.
  • Create a new space that is open to all and that breathes new life into the area.
  • Revitalise this part of Whitechapel and make it a welcoming area for existing communities, deterring crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Creating new access routes through the site to maximise its connectivity to the wider area.
  • Deliver a green-led scheme that promotes biodiversity and provides a natural experience for visitors and residents alike.
Proposed view into Bath Street from Darling Row.
View south from Collingwood Street.

Our plans

Our plans include the delivery of:

  • 620 to 650 new homes with 25% (by habitable room - subject to viability) affordable homes.
  • A new and larger Sainsbury’s store – the current store will trade until the new store is ready to open ensuring there is continuity of trade.
  • Up to 1,345sqm of new commercial and retail units for a mix of uses including cafes and small shops.
  • 150 parking spaces for Sainsbury’s and the wider Whitechapel area which will allow shoppers to continue commuting to the store.
  • A new public square and extensive public realm improvements which will be green and will maximise biodiversity.
  • Designing out crime measures to deter crime and anti-social behaviour and make the local community feel safe.

Existing site composition

Phase 1 works

Phase 2 works

Your New Sainsbury’s Store

The local population in Tower Hamlets is growing, and as a result, the demand for a larger and more accommodating Sainsbury’s store is growing. Sainsbury’s is committed to serving its customers in Tower Hamlets so business continuity in this project is paramount: the plans will be phased in a way where the existing store remains open during construction causing minimal disruption to customers and jobs.

The new store will:

  • Include a sales area which is over 15% larger than the existing store.
  • Provide new customer facilities such as a wider range of clothing and non-food items for customers, including a larger Argos.
  • Retain existing colleagues’ jobs and will have the potential to create additional employment opportunities.
  • Include a new groceries online operation to meet demand in the local area.
  • Provide 150 car parking bays including family, disabled, and electric vehicle charging spaces, for the new store and the wider Whitechapel area.
  • Include a new service area to ensure lorries are kept off residential roads.
An artistic impression of what our new store could look like.

New Homes on Bath Street Square

Tower Hamlets and the wider area are currently facing an acute housing crisis. As part of our plans to redevelop this site, we are seeking to deliver between 620 - 650 much-needed and high-quality homes. 25% (by habitable room - subject to viability) of these homes will be affordable. The new homes will be in a range of sizes and will include circa 20% family-sized homes. This addresses a key theme we identified in the last public consultation with local residents – there is a strong need for affordable homes and family-sized homes in the area.

View looking west from Darling Row with Collingwood Estate on the right.

We will deliver these homes in nine buildings, ranging in height from 7 to 20 storeys. The project architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands have a proven track record of delivering award-winning high quality designs across London.

View from Brady Street near Swanlea School.

The New Bath Street Square

The site as it stands today, provides minimal public benefits. It currently hosts the Sainsbury’s store, a large, under-utilised car park, and lots of redundant space. We are totally intent on transforming the whole site to ensure it becomes a vibrant public space that is clean, green, and open to all.

The new store will:

  • A new public square that will be enjoyed by all
  • New connections through the site so pedestrians and cyclists can have easy access.
  • A new children’s play area that will be open to all.
  • Extensive greening and landscaping across the whole site.
  • New trees across the whole site.
  • Rain gardens to alleviate flooding.
  • Increased biodiversity through wildlife-friendly planting and green rooftops.
Diagram showing propose pedestrian routes through the site.
Proposed view over the new square showing green public spaces which will be open to the public.