Our current thinking

We are still at an early stage of preparing a new plan for Bath Street Square. We are taking a masterplan approach to the site to look beyond the site boundary and we have identified the following as potential key benefits which the site could deliver for the wider community:

Optimise the site to deliver new homes.

Provide a range of new greenery including wildlife-friendly planting, green rooftops, new trees, and opportunities for community gardening.

Provide a high-quality public space and wider environmental improvements that will
be accessible to all.

Deliver much-needed affordable homes to support the local community.

Retain a Sainsbury’s store that continues to service the local community and continues to offer local employment opportunities.

Revive the historic Bath Street as part of our public spaces commitment and to enhance connectivity.

Provide new retail spaces to enhance Whitechapel’s offering.

Deliver a local employment programme that offers apprenticeships, and skills training.

Consolidated and safe servicing areas separate to public space offering.

Based on our current thinking this is what a green masterplan could look like